Washington State Collective Bargaining Agreements

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Electronic copies of the contracts are available on this website. If you wish to print a copy, it must also be requested from your exclusive negotiator. The university`s goal is to employ qualified people in all job positions and provide performance-based support. This policy should not be interpreted as justifying recruitment decisions that violate the University`s Anti-Discrimination Policy (EP15), but to ensure that recruitment and supervision by family members, household members, intimate partners and life partners registered by the state does not take place, except in the very limited circumstances described in this section (60.14). One. All employees in the bargaining unit will be granted the following paid leave: The University will grant military leave to all employees covered by this agreement in accordance with federal and state laws as follows: Interim Agreements negotiated from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2023, if funded by the Legislative Assembly. Yes, the law allows unions and state agencies to negotiate union security in RCW 41.80.100. Unused sick leave and annual leave credits for fixed-status employees who transfer employment between higher education institutions, related agencies, or other government agencies will move with the employee. The University recognizes the union as the exclusive collective bargaining representative for employees covered by RCW 41.06 and excludes: supervisory employees and confidential employees within the meaning of RCW 41.80; exempt workers; Faculty; students; and temporary workers. An appointing authority may apply for permission to employ family members, household members, intimate partners or life partners registered by the State in superior/subordinate relationships. This approval allows an employee to be in the direct chain of supervision above or below a family member, household member, intimate partner, or state-registered life partner.

For more information on the appointing authority, see 60.10. This approval does not allow a supervisor to participate in decisions involving a family member, household member, intimate partner or state-registered domestic partner before offering and filling the position. See also EP28 on relations between superiors and subordinates. The union and the university promote problem solving between workers and management and are committed to resolving disputes as quickly as possible and at the lowest possible informal level. Complainants who cooperate with their administrator at the employee`s request are encouraged to participate in informal discussions with affected individuals prior to proceeding with the formal complaint process. If no informal solution is found, this article provides for an orderly dispute settlement procedure. The Parties individually and collectively acknowledge their ability to continue the application of this Agreement through the claims and arbitration process. A complainant is defined as the union, an employee and/or a group of workers who file a complaint. When a union is certified as the exclusive representative of a group of workers, it represents all employees who are certified in that collective bargaining unit throughout the WSU. The exclusive representative (union) has the exclusive power and right to negotiate with WSU management on the hours of work, wages and other terms and conditions of employment of the positions represented. Once represented exclusively by a union, the legal authority of each employee in the bargaining unit to negotiate terms and conditions of employment individually is transferred to the union, and the union becomes the representative of all workers occupying positions in the bargaining unit.

Once a union takes a position, possible wage changes are determined by the collective bargaining process. Links to agreements negotiated by public universities. If the parties fail to reach an agreement, state law offers the parties the opportunity to request contractual mediation from the Public Labour Relations Commission (PERC). Find out how the collective bargaining process between unions and the state works. Agreements in force for the period from 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2021. 5. What does collective bargaining require of WSU and the union? The university does not allow employees to monitor or participate in employment decisions (including hiring/appointment decisions) that affect family members, household members, intimate partners, or state-registered domestic partners. .

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