Used Car Evaluation Form

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A checklist for inspecting used cars is a smart option if you want good value for money. To avoid the risk of ending up with a used car that leaves you stuck, we recommend that you inspect it well – by yourself and/or request a professional used car inspection. Follow these 9 steps to make sure you cover all your bases and find a vehicle that`s worth your hard-earned money. A CARFAX report is a good place to start, but it only contains information that has been reported. Previous owners may not have reported their maintenance or certain claims/damage to the car. At, we have additional methods to learn more about the current state of the vehicle through our vehicle inspection process. 13,000 miles per year is the average most people drive according to the available data. More than that will start bringing the vehicle to above-average mileage for its model year and should justify a discount on its less motivated competitors. The car diagnostic scanners to use are important for reading DTC error codes – if you have the most expensive ones – they can tell you if the error codes have been reset recently. To hide short-term problems. If you don`t feel comfortable running the items on this inspection checklist, ask a knowledgeable friend.

It`s also a good idea to take it to a mechanic to have it checked. Any problems identified by the mechanic can be used as trading points if you decide to make an offer. Professional inspection fees are a small price to pay compared to buying a problematic vehicle. When choosing a service, check the completeness, OBD scanning tool, and peer-to-peer comparison. Do the headlights, lights, directional lights and taillights work? Check the floor and chassis for signs of leakage when examining tires. Leak repairs – can be expensive and give a quote a price reduction. Are there warning lights on the dashboard? Error codes/ML codes Does the car or steering wheel wobble or vibrate at any speed? Order a used car or truck inspection to eliminate all fears. Order a pre-emptive pre-emptive inspection of a used car now.

Make sure the brake lights, turn signals, headlights and taillights are all in order. The inspection of all interior lights also works. Is there resistance of the steering wheel when cornering? Does the car pull to the side when braking? Tread depth testing is a quick way to check the tread of a tire. Place a coin in the tread and examine it – repeat it for each tire. Don`t forget the spare part. If the grip is worn, the tires may need to be replaced quickly and at an additional cost to you. There may also be an alignment issue if tire wear is uneven. Download a printable version of the vehicle inspection checklist Does the engine make strange noises such as bangs, ticking or whistling? Does the engine lose oil or liquids when it is turned on or off? Is there rust in the door handles, hinges or trunk? Review the vehicle`s history to see if there has ever been any damage. The seller can have the history report ready to view.

Alternatively, you can buy and download it online or ask an inspection company to provide it. Do all doors, trunk and hood open and close properly? Inspection report: A pre-inspection report vehicle – see VIN # Is the seller flexible to allow for a third-party inspection? Rust – If you find rust on the body of the vehicle, it can be an aesthetic problem, but it can also indicate deeper problems that are expensive to repair. Frame rust, for example, could compromise the integrity of the vehicle and pose a threat to the longevity of the vehicle. If you see rust on the vehicle body, check under the hood and chassis for more signs. .

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