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Register Google News for the website for what? Registering Google News for the website and putting the website to Google News is a good advantage for that website itself. Specifically, the new article is faster by Google Index, looking for new quality traffic and more often from users. Recently, there are many people who are interested in how to bring the website to Google News? In this article Fame Media will guide in detail how to bring the website to Google News.

What is Google News?

Google News is a general Internet newspaper from many different sources. Google News summarizes from many previous services that Google distributes news such as:

Google News.

News and Weather.

Google Pay NewsSTAND.


Search and News Mod …

Google News has experienced many changes over the years, but the overall functions are basically the same regardless of updates. For example, in 2018, Google added a series of artificial intelligence updates. However, the Google News platform remains the same.

Why put the website to Google News

Recently, Google has updated and recognized Google Discover and Google News as part of Google Search, so when your site is posted on Google News, it will contribute to putting your website to the top on Google Search. In addition, your website appears on Google News also brings some of the following uses:

  • Increasing the reputation of your website specifically EAT of the website is better rated.

  • Users trust more.

  • Search for additional quality organic traffic.

  • Set ads to earn extra income

  • Increase indexing new URLs of the website …

With the above effects will contribute to your business to implement SEO strategy more effectively.

Conditions to be able to register Google News for the website.

Your website must be updated with new posts regularly. Ideally, there is a new post every day, at least 2-3 days have a new post.

The quality of the article must be good

Good here means that your article is not copied on any website that must be written by yourself, and can write about the same topic, incident, phenomenon.

The website content is as rich as possible

This means that the content of the article on your website is diverse, but it is necessary to have expertise, but there is no need for expertise to be too deep, need to be basic and clear first. The content needs to appeal to readers, without too much SEO standard to reach over 50 SEO benchmarks.

Regulations on content when registering Google News for the website

The content of the website is banned if you register with Google News. Make sure your website does not have these content:

Content is banned when registering Google News for the website

  • Individual and confidential information

  • Copyright content

  • Content is limited

  • Pornographic content

  • Graphic violence content

  • Hateful content

  • Dangerous and illegal activities

  • The content is funded

  • The acts are strictly prohibited

  • Harassing and threatening online

  • Fraudulent

  • Spam and malware.

In addition to meeting the content, the website that wants to go to Google News previously must be uploaded regularly 1 day 1-2 articles for the purpose of giving Google Crawl regularly.

  • Website must optimize code: means that web code must not appear errors, the website interface must be stable.

  • Websites must not install ads inserted in the middle when converting links on the web.

  • Your website must be verified by the owner via Google Search Console and use the website owner to register to bring the website to Google News.

Guide to register Google News for the website

In this article, I instruct you to use Google News Producer to bring the website to Google New. If your website satisfies the above conditions, what are you waiting for? Register Google News for the website to earn more traffic and advertising money using Google’s available tools called Google News Producer.

Step 1: Log in to Gmail. Then login to Google News Producer.

(Note: Must Gmail verify webmaster – not gmail to share webmaster rights)

Step 2: Fill in the name of the publication – Everyone filled out the name Domain website and wanted to put it on Google News.

(Note: The name of the publication must coincide with the domain or brand name of the web)

Step 3: Install the edition: Fill in basic information + images

(This step is easy, people prepare 1 photo 512*512)

Step 4: Install Google News: Tap general information + Set content

Step 5: Tab review and release

Google News registration service

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